Friday, February 27, 2015

The Epidemic of Cargo Jackets & Floppy Hats

Visiting home has recently become something I look forward to for weeks. Especially this weekend, considering the fact that I haven't stepped foot onto Augusta ground in two whole months.

When I come home for the weekend, I love lounging in my t-shirts and leggings, but when I leave the house, I always like to dress things up a little... Ya never know who you might see out in public ;-)

This weekend I packed my new army green cargo jacket from Forever 21. (Link Here) It is definitely a favorite new addition to my closet. I've noticed other people purchasing ones identical and sporting them with any and everything. From dresses and wedges, to ripped jeans and booties, to jean shorts and flats. It's such a multipurpose jacket that can be thrown over anything to make it 100% more fashionable. Today, I wore mine with a simple, comfortable pair of black leggings and short Minnetonka Moccasin fringe boots. I paired it with a tie-dyed red and baby blue Cynthia Rowley Spring scarf. It made for the perfect outfit on such a beautiful day.

I wear my Minnetonka Moccasin boots at least
3 days a week. They're stylish, comfortable,
and go with just about any outfit.
The leather coin bracelet is courtesy of
my Aunt's art gallery in Chesnee, SC.
The other two beaded Alex & Ani bracelets
were Christmas presents from Mom.

Luckily, Jamie decided to come home this weekend too. I met up with her at Starbucks, and we spent the majority of the day sipping our iced coffees, and catching up.

Vanilla Iced Coffee and Ray Bans were
quite the necessity on this sunny day.
I can feel Spring springing!!

Of course, she was looking as trendy as ever. Just as the cargo jackets are flying off the racks, so are these floppy hats! I recently even purchased one myself. (Link Here) They're oh-so hip, and a must-have for beach trips, casual walks in the park, and a night out downtown. I'm breaking in mine in New York City. (Less than 2 weeks! Ekkk!) Jamie sports hers often, which makes an already perfect outfit even better.

We have to make time for a visit
to Lady Antebellum park when the
temperature finally hits the 60s.
A breath of fresh air after these crazy
(and freezing!) past few weeks.

Paired with her floppy hat, Ray Ban sunglasses,
and spring sweater is the Lucky Brand
layer necklace that I got her for her birthday
in January. (Link Here-not exact). It's a fabulous
accessory to spice up a simple
outfit. I'm now regretting not buying
one for myself.

Today was one of the most relaxing days I've had in quite some time. It was even better spending it with my bestie. Needless to say, I'm loving this plague of highly fashionable accessories. 
                                It beats the Ebola epidemic by a long shot. 

I <3 Augusta. End of Story.



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