Thursday, March 12, 2015

Airplane Essentials

\\ finally //

Below are the 3 most vital Airplane Essentials (according to my personal opinion) plus a little about my first night spent in my favorite place in the world. Enjoy! :-)

1. iPad Mini complete with NYC skyline + keyboard
+ headphones + Tory Burch case = must have.

2. Starbucks coffee & Biscoff cookies.

3. New York City as your destination.
I know everyone has been highly awaiting my first post about my first night in the big city...
However, before I can begin, I have a short story I must tell.

Last week, I was re-reading (for about the 30th time) my favorite book of poetry titled "Chasers of the Light" by Tyler Knott Gregson. I found the book in Anthropologie in Atlanta. I couldn't get the thought of it out of my head, so I picked it up about a week later at a local book store in Augusta. Ever since then, I've been addicted to it. I was re-reading it in an attempt to mimic his poetry style to become a better poetry writer myself. Upon reading, I came across a particular line in one of his poems that spoke so highly to me, it said, “I need a word for the way that feels, for all the combinations of all the letters don’t seem to say it properly.”
And this is what I wrote using his idea: 

Words are my favorite things in all of this world.
I search far and wide, but nothing fulfills my soul the way words do.
The curved shapes, edges, and spines drip inspiration into my veins.
They’re the only thing I understand 100% of the time.
But, when I try to find the ones to use to describe you,
It becomes impossible.
For you, I would need to invent an entirely new language,
Because the words I have, will never do you justice.

I wrote this before truly experiencing the feelings I have right now sitting by a window peering out at the pitch black night lightened by the glorious bright lights. But, I knew even a week ago what this feeling would encompass, and now, considering the fact that there truly is no words to describe the actual feelings I'm feeling at this very moment, here goes nothing...

First and foremost, I want to say, the genuine aura that this place radiates is truly visionary. What exactly do I mean? Everywhere you turn, there is something new and absolutely incredible to experience. With 27,000 people per square mile and over 30 million residents, you're bound to see every kind of person this world holds. It's beautiful. I'm walking down the street feeling like I'm in a dream. The fast pace of it all keeps my heart pacing at the exact same speed. The whoosh of the taxis speeding past me, the cold wind whipping wild through my hair, and the sights and sounds of it all bringing my adrenaline to a peak and stirring the passion inside me faster and faster. I love it all. Every second I've spent here so far has been filled with moments of pure, wholesome joy. I just sent a text to my Mom saying, "Mom, I don't think I've ever been this happy in my entire life." And that most definitely is the truest statement I have ever testified to. This place is magical, much more magical than even Main Street in Disney World. It's legendary. It's inspirational. It's perfect...

2nd Avenue was our destination of
choice for tonight.
Taqueria on the Lower East Side = best Mexican food
& best atmosphere. A+ in my book. 
Kel = America's Next Top Model.
Tory Burch & my new favorite quote.
"People who don't have time to read the
Wall Street Journal, make time to read
the Wall Street Journal.
Wall Street Journal, here I come!


Thank you, Lord, for New York City. 


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