Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Diet Mountain Dew, Baby, New York City

Tomorrow (tomorrow!!!!!), the biggest dream I have for my life right now will come true.
My feet will hit the ground in New York City.

To me, this city represents so much more than just a place to visit when on vacation, or a place to see a show on Broadway, or a place to have the best slice of pizza on this side of the world. Or a place to go on a business trip, or the best place to spend New Year's Eve, or a place to stalk celebrities. To me, it is much more than a haven of busy people, prominent jobs, taxis, fancy suits and ties, designer clothes and glamorous high heels, exquisite buildings, and cheesecake. While those are all characteristics that make the city what it is, they are not the aspects of it that draw my heart to it. To me, this city is a direct illustration of what it means to accomplish your dreams, live a life of adventure and passion, and become so much more than just a “human”, but rather a soul with ambition enough to conquer the world.
I have been dreaming of New York City for as long as I can remember. Each night that my head hits the pillow, the city lights peacefully illuminate my dreams. Other nights, the loud ruckus of the taxi horns, chitter chatter of people walking the streets, and the music of musicians risking everything to make it big, plays over and over inside my head. Lately, this city has become all I can think about. I long to breathe in the musty polluted air, and feel the endless supply of sweet Starbucks coffee running through my veins being the only thing keeping my mind functioning properly. I ache to trot through pure, white snow each winter in Central Park and I desperately desire the sticky, hot summers in Times Square. The sense of urgency I have to spend part of my life there is truly one I believe God has placed in my heart. The millions of prayers (especially recently) that I've sent up to Heaven seeking advice on what/where/how I should spend my life were spoken just before my abrupt obsession with the city life. I believe you can be a missionary wherever you are. Just as many people feel a sense of peace and comfort when going on mission over seas, I have that same peace with my thoughts of living life in the city, whether that be all the way in New York, or just in Atlanta. I will be content and understanding of God's perfect plan. In a way, I consider the persistence I feel about journalism in the city as God's way of pushing me to follow His will. This is most definitely an idea that will be prayed about, thought about, and sought out before going through with. But, I’ve realized all that the city can do for a person, and I crave to obtain a piece of all it has to offer me. From the screen of my laptop in my southern town, I vicariously live through all of my favorite journalists and bloggers that belong in New York City. I yearn to walk through the concrete jungle in their shoes for just one day. In a little over 24 hours, I will be seeing those glorious skyscrapers so close to the window of my airplane seat that I'll think I can reach out and touch them. I’ll see Lady Liberty standing so gracefully in the harbor as those beautiful city lights finally put my soul at peace. The mere thought of New York City and the fantastical images brought to mind when saying those three words have become all I can think of, dream of, hope for, wish for, and write about. In a sense, I have fallen in love with an inanimate object, but to me, it is incredibly more than just a city. It is a way of life, and proof that dreams do come true.
Tomorrow will be my first visit to the Big Apple, even though my heart is already there, but it most definitely won’t be the last.
Is it possible to be in love with a place you’ve never been?
Like being in love with a person you’ve never met?
Simply stated... it happens.

See you on the Met steps.

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  1. You're perfect :) And you will adore NYC, ever since I went I dream about being back at least every other day.