Wednesday, June 3, 2015


A few weeks ago, I was able to visit with one of my best friends who came into town for a short visit. We spent some time talking and catching up, and then she began describing this wonderful homemade body scrub that one of her friends had recently made for her. 

After the long day I had just had, the sound of it was so incredible. I convinced her to let me into her parents kitchen to muster up a few of the ingredients and make our own. We didn't have all of the exact elements that were needed, so we came up with our own substitutions. But, it ended up turning out perfectly.
Here is the recipe we created:
1 Cup of Sugar
1/2 Cup of Olive Oil
1/4 Cup of Coconut Oil
1 Teaspoon of Peppermint Extract
A few shakes of Cinnamon

      The finished product! :-)

After creating such a masterpiece, (because it works like a charm, and feels amazing!) I started thinking about the word exfoliate. I wondered if there was a definition of the word that could properly be used to describe other things within daily life, besides just when referring to a body scrub. I went to the dictionary with this question in mind. And, here's what I found. 

Exfoliate: [eks-foh-lee-eyt]
Verb: exfoliated, exfoliating.
1. to throw off in scales, splinters, etc.
2. to remove the surface of
Later on, I read it is also defined as: to split or swell into.

Over the past few days, I've really been thinking a lot about these couple of definitions, and how they can be applied to life, in general. I couldn't get the word, and these different interpretations of it, out of my head. 
Would it be possible for one to exfoliate their life? If so, what would that look like? How could we painlessly "throw off" the useless pieces in our lives? Can we "split" from the negative aspects that relentlessly aim to invade our happiness? 
Is it feasible for us to "remove the surface" of our life as we know it in order to reveal something much clearer, more beautiful, and harmonious underneath?

I've been sitting on this idea ever since the night I concocted 
that body scrub in my best friend's parent's kitchen three weeks ago.
And, I've come to a few conclusions.
First, I absolutely love the thought of this.
Even the mere consideration of having the opportunity to rid myself of every displeasing portion of my life, feels like quite a dream.
I've found myself in the middle of these thoughts wishing that some "positive potion" could be found somewhere out there that would allow this fantasy to become my reality. This led me to the next conclusion, which simply is this:
It dwells in our mindset.
It is a slight change in our mindsets that can set us free from all the negativity that infects our lives. It is understanding that some things cannot be changed, and (like I said in my last post) deciding to do whatever you can to adjust the things that can be. It is about displaying acceptance of all people that are placed in your path, and loving them despite all differences that may interfere. It is thinking positive thoughts ("good vibes", I think is the term for it these days), and realigning your mind when it trails towards hostility. I wondered where this magic "positive potion" could be found, but I've decided that it resides within ourselves already, and is advertised by how we react to every situation that we encounter.
If we choose positivity over antagonism, love over mockery, joy over despair, and contentment over misery, our lives can truly change from the inside out.
The film of annoyance, opposition, and pessimism can be exfoliated, and a pure, righteous, and wholesome life can be lived.

E is for Exfoliate. 
(for more reasons than just one)

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