Wednesday, August 26, 2015

What Dreams are Made Of

Have you ever done something especially significant that made a mark on who you are because it sparked the revolution that essentially began your life? 
Was there ever a moment in your life that you can specifically pinpoint that changed the way you viewed your dreams? 
Do you remember the time when and where it all began? 
The moment when your dreams became a reality, and you could see 
your future on the horizon? 

For me, this moment happened a little over two months ago when a columnist from the newspaper in my hometown contacted me to write an article. A few days later, after I willingly agreed, I received an email saying, 
"I have 3 story assignments you might consider." 
My heart did a backflip as excitement filled every single part of my body. 
The assignment I chose required that I contact the president of a Quilt Guild in my area, and interview her in an effort to promote the guild and make the community aware of its accomplishments. A few days later, I met with the president and another member, asked a series of questions, and created an entire article based off their answers to my questions. 
A week later, my article appeared in the Augusta Chronicle.
The day I held the physical newspaper in my hand with my name at the top of the page was the day that I felt myself become even more 
determined, enthused, and radical about my dreams 
because I felt them actually coming true.
As school started Monday and classes began, I notice now that my mind pays stricter attention to the words that exit my professors mouth each day. 
I feel the wheels in my mind turning, and my cells soaking up all the knowledge 
I can in an effort to obtain every piece of information needed to 
continue making my dreams form my reality. 
I find many things in this life beautiful, and this feeling has 
made its way to the top of that list. 
This exciting emotion is exceptionally beautiful.
   I can only hope that everyone finds themselves caught in this beautiful rollar coaster of emotions at least once in this life.

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