Monday, June 27, 2016

A Stylish Summer

What’s up, party people?! I’m back with CollegeFashionista for a summer of fun, fashionable things. 
Here is my new Style Guru Bio for the summer semester!
 If you ask anyone who knows me what I like to do, you would most likely get answers ranging from shopping, getting a manicure, laughing with friends, drinking coffee and going on road trips. But, if you asked anyone who knows me what I love to do, there is no doubt in my mind what each person would say, and that is: write. This is typically something people assume as soon as they hear that I’m an English major, and something that furthers their assumption when hearing that my minor focuses on journalism. To which their next question is usually, “What do you like to write about?” This is where the fun part starts. As I have always loved to write, I have also always loved fashion. I currently live vicariously through my favorite fashion bloggers on the daily, but especially in September and March during fashion week when I find myself going shopping the very next day searching for tops, bottoms and shoes similar to what my favorite models strutted down the runways the day before.

 Flipping the pages of Vogue magazine feels like medicine to my soul and tends to inspire me to no end. A huge part of what I do and how I live is directly effected by the fashion that surrounds me, whether I discover it in my Instagram feed, in a magazine or adorning the bodies of my classmates in my literature classes. CollegeFashionista has provided me with a means of combining my two favorite things into one, and it has been the best ever.
My own personal style changes by the day and my mood. Some days I find myself leaning towards an all black, sleek and chic Kardashian-Jenner ensemble, while other days I feel as if I can’t get enough of an eye-catching, colorful print or pattern. I’m all about a good trend, especially a comfortable one, so I was pretty pumped when jogger pants made their way into the fashion world recently. They can easily be dressed up or down and perfect for on-the-go wear.
I’m a firm believer that pain is beautiful when it comes to a steep, stiletto wedge, but I owe my everything to all of the little platform wedges out there that have finally given ‘comfortable’ and ‘wedge’ a way to be said in the same sentence, while also remaining just as fashionable as ever. Pair the joggers and platform wedges with a simple tank, just the right choker necklace and an everyday cross-body bag and you have what I call my “Go-To.”
This is my second semester as a Style Guru for CollegeFashionista and needless to say, I’m so ready to bring all of the most stylish summer trends right to the table! Stay #RAD.

Style On®,
Maggie Dillard

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