Sunday, November 18, 2018

Hi, it's me + I'm back!

I've given 'A Simple Hallelujah' a brand new look, and here's why:

 I originally started ‘A Simple Hallelujah’ back in 2015 just 13 days before my first trip to New York City. That time in my life actually feels so distant, but when I think back on it, I truly can't believe I've come as far as I have. I'm doing the very thing that I thought I'd only ever dream of doing when I God first gave me the idea for this blog... that fact in itself is mind-blowing.

But since then, I’ve been learning and growing in ways I never thought I could, or quite frankly, ever would. There used to be parts of my life where I had given up and settled for what I thought was all I wanted. But, the one thing I couldn’t get out of my mind was New York City. I made the decision that getting here someday was something I’d never compromise. By the grace of God, He helped make that dream my reality. But along the way, He also pulled me out of the “settled” state I had fallen into. He dropped me in one of the busiest cities in the world and made me see that I could live here and still not be fully alive. He opened my eyes to the lifelessness all around me, and the people who come here to chase their dreams and still end up unfulfilled.
This idea has broken my heart, but made me love this city, these people, and my Jesus more passionately, intentionally, and enthusiastically believing that the hope I have in my future with Him was truly designed to bring new life through His peace — an experience every single person deserves. I feel a fresh sense of urgency to use everything He's given me: my experiences, my stories, and my words to give Him the credit where the credit is due. I've come to understand the true love He has for me, and I just can't shut up about it.
Since the day in 2015 when He gave me the words "A Simple Hallelujah", He's flipped my entire world upside down. He's made so many of my biggest, wildest dreams come true and He's given me such vision for the future He has for me. 

I recently went to an Elevation Worship concert, and after hearing the band sing Hallelujah Here Below, I felt like something just clicked. They sing: 

"Ten thousand angels surround your throne to bring you praise that will never cease, but Hallelujah from here below is still your favorite melody."

  That's exactly it...
He has everything He could ever need, yet He still wants us. He has angels singing Him praise day in and day out, yet He still wants praise from us. He wiped us clean of our past and He holds a beautiful future in the palm of His hand ready to place it in our reach as soon as we reach back.
 He's given me a new meaning for those three words.
I've learned that it really is just a simple “Hallelujah!” of surrender and worship from your lips to His ears that can unlock the power of His love to give your deepest pain a purpose and reveal the earth-shaking more that you were made for.
Now there’s no part of me that will settle because I’ve heard Him clearly say to me, “You were made for more than this” and you... yeah, you reading this right now were too. 

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