Sunday, February 3, 2019

When the fog clears

Those words aren’t just ones we sing in church or have written as decoration on a picture in our house. They are the truth of what happens to us once we open ourselves up to the goodness of God. 

We don’t just “see the light” or start being able to see the positivity in bad situations. But rather, we’re able to really SEE the good in people despite what they do. 

We see how God is able to use us even in the middle of our mess. 

It’s being able to sit with patience and listen to others talk about their problems, dilemmas, trials, tribulations, and instead of saying, “But you got yourself into this!”—you can say with full confidence, “Through you, God is going to use this to change the world.”

This is actually something that was prophesied over us from the very beginning of time. 

Genesis 50:20 says: “You intended to harm me, but God intended it for good to accomplish what is now being done, the saving of many lives.”

To accomplish what is now being done—the saving of many lives.

We’ve known all along that there would be the trials, the tribulations, the things that would stand in our way. But right here, it says, through those things, God will accomplish what He says He will do—save many lives. That is a promise. 

What comes with this new sight is not just the ability to see the great plans God has for your life—but rather, it’s the capability to transform all that was meant to harm you into something that saves the lives of others. It’s the gift of revealing to others the power of using their trials as their greatest skill set. 

It’s being able to understand that your life is not your own; therefore, so much more than you are capable of is actually able to be done with it.  

But when we’re in a slump with the weight of the world on our shoulders, it’s easy for our sight to feel foggy once again. In these times, we can still rest in the fact that the foggy vision in the valley will be cleared once we make it to the mountaintop. But no matter what, we’ll never experience the blindness of our past again. 

Dependence on God is assurance of peace even during chaos, clarity even during confusion, and clear vision even during the foggiest seasons of life. 

Because when the fog clears, with these new eyes, we can dream bigger, accomplish more, love deeper, and experience the fulfilling and purposeful plans God has already in store for us. 

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