About Me

I'm a recent grad from the University of West Georgia, where I spent all of my time writing papers, editing articles, and making memories as an English major and mass communications + journalism minor. I moved to New York City upon graduation, where I'm now pursuing my big dreams of living a life filled to the brim with books, big cities, and genuine happiness. I believe in the power of true fashion fanatics, retail therapy, and Anna Wintour. I'm in love with bright city lights, Jesus, and long car rides. I read the dictionary for sheer pleasure, I drink way too much coffee, and I own more clothes than anyone ever actually should. I'm fascinated by semi-colons, sunsets, and the word, Hallelujah

I fell in love with writing at eleven-years-old when I found myself sitting on the floor of my bedroom, with a pencil in my hand, and an empty spiral notebook lying open in front of me. The fresh, bare pages spoke volumes to me, and I realized then that my mind held the ability to feel the power of words more strongly than emotions. On that day, hidden behind my bed, I made an oath to myself to never let anything hinder me from revealing the beauty of words to the rest of the world. My goal is to inspire others with my stories, give them courage to be themselves, and help them come to realize that occasionally, you must convince your heart to do more for you than just beat. 

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