Saturday, February 28, 2015

Abandon the Comfort Zone

I spent the majority of my day a little out of my element, to say the least. My 5:30 am wakeup call came extremely earlier than I had originally planned. I hit the road to Statesboro by 6:30 am with my cousin to watch her boyfriend and my brother play in a disc golf tournament. 

I'm always down for a good road trip, but not always the ones that take place before the sun rises. After downing two cups of coffee, a bagel, and listening to Meghan Trainor's "Lips are Movin" as loud as possible, I was finally a little more ready for the day. I hopped out of the truck, and thought how fun the day was going to be doing something that I would normally be the first to opt out of. I was super excited, and more than ready to check this off on my bucket list of "Doing something that you would consider 'out of your comfort zone'."
I think the words that came out of my
mouth after this selfie was taken
 were, "Wow, this is so fun! I'm in 

a truck covered in camo!" 

I even happily volunteered to stand
amongst the tree stumps and leaves.  

Thankful to have had her to lean on today. 
Cousins truly do make the best friends.

However, I wasn't dressed for the occasion, so as soon as the first little gusts of wind began, I almost had to quit and walk back to the car. (This was before the tournament had even started... Need I say more?) Now pondering back to that moment, I can say without a doubt that I was truly miserable. All I could think about was how desperately I wished I were at the plaza down the street shopping my worries away. I wished I were anywhere, but stranded in the middle of the woods being blown away by the ice cold wind. Quite the alternative to the weather, and my day, yesterday...
An hour and a half into this whole shin-dig, I stepped in a very deceiving giant mud/dirt/water puddle, and my foot sunk ankle deep into this nasty mixture of nasty things that I'd rather not even talk about. (Don't worry, the muddy concoction washed off, so my fav boots made it out alive and unharmed :-) In case you were wondering.) After that little episode, I decided it was finally time to throw in the towel. I washed my boots off, cranked up the car, turned the heat to full blast, unthawed, and drove subconsciously to the nearest TJMaxx. I was in need of some retail therapy. I swear, just the sight of designer handbags has the ability to turn my entire day around. LOL.

We explored a little more of Statesboro, which has become a city that I absolutely adore. The small-town feel is so sweet, and reminds me a little of Carrollton. There are a few remarkably chic boutiques, and I don't know what girl doesn't appreciate a remarkably chic boutique. I mean, come on.

White Mocha Freezer and White Mocha
Iced Coffee. (We obviously love White
Mocha. Sorry, not sorry.)

We stumbled across this adorable Italian coffee drive-thru shop, Ellianos. I highly suggest Statesboro coffee lovers check it out!

Overall, this was actually a fantastic day. I learned that it's good to explore other's hobbies and appreciate nature in the same way I do those handbags and boutiques. I learned the significance of why everyone is different, and why those differences are what make us who we are. I learned that making memories with the people I love can transform something "miserable" into something memorable. I learned that it's important to show some type of interest in all categories of life because there's always something that can be gained from every experience. I learned that abandoning your comfort zone and letting loose for a while is good for the soul. I learned that spending time with people who mean the most is a beautiful thing, no matter the circumstances; rain, shine, scorching heat, or windy blizzard.
I also learned that (before your foot sinks into the mud) despite the odds, it is actually possible to be fashionable while exploring a murky, water-logged, forested area.

Statesboro, I sincerely thank you.


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