Monday, March 2, 2015

Why it's Time to Prioritize Your Time

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Recently, I've been finding out that if you don't create a schedule and stick to it, time will run away from you faster than you can catch it.
Usually, I've been able to just go to class, attend the required Sorority stuff, and retire in my room having all the time in the world to finish homework, check Instagram and Facebook, and essentially do whatever I wanted. However, this semester I started an on-campus job as an English tutor. My job hours have sliced my "free time" hours in half. (sometimes in thirds). I'm staying up really late, and waking up really early. Needless to say, I've had the busiest schedule this semester than I've had in my entire college career, so far.

 Today, I was feeling a little stressed after coming back to school with such an incredibly hectic schedule, so I googled "Ways to prioritize your time" and  found a few really good articles. The one that I found to be the most helpful was an article titled, "How to Manage Time with 10 Tips that Work" on entrepreneur.comCheck it out for a few productive tips!

I'm learning the importance of prioritizing my time, making a schedule for every hour of the day, and going through with it. I've had to force myself to say 'no' to a few of the extracurriculars, and I've had to make time for only the most important ones. Some days are harder than others, and I find myself wishing there were more hours in the day. And then, some days I feel like the day drags on and on, and my "To-Do" list somehow gets longer and longer. It's annoying, and it's hard, but I know it's preparing me for the real world. Which is a good thing.
Never have I ever felt ready to grow up, but these days, I'm finding that growing up is getting more and more exciting. I think I'm becoming prepared to finally take on the real world head on. Only two more years and grad school, and then here I come!

One thing that helps is investing in a cute watch. That way checking the time and seeing that it's actually later than you thought won't be so bad anymore. :-)

Happy Monday!

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