Sunday, May 3, 2015


I explained my feelings towards this subject and all things surrounding this word pretty clearly in my post, Bye Bye Barbie, but when thinking of the letter 'B', I still couldn't quite get the word Beauty out of my head. The reason for this being that beauty encompasses so much in that little 
6-letter body that it is buried in. 
Like "the future", in Have No Fear, beauty is an abstract concept that society wants us to believe only defines 'that model on that magazine.' 
When in reality, beauty is long list of things. 
If a group of people were all asked to draw an image of what they believe beauty is, everyone's illustrations would be different. Some would draw makeup, some would draw a flower, some would draw their mother, some would draw a sunset, or a rainbow. The true definition of beauty is utterly whatever you want it to be. But, as for me, I've decided that beauty is one of those words that helps us decide who we want to be in this life, because after all, who doesn't want to be beautiful?

When I was a freshman in high school, I ran across a quote written by my cousin, Gabby, for her Senior Art Show at Presbyterian College in 2010. Her quote has stuck with me ever since.

Gabby and I at her wedding in March.
 She wrote:
"Sometimes we get so caught up in the 
way we think things have to be that we 
fail to see the beauty in just being." 

It later became my quote in the yearbook during my Senior year, and something I often contemplate. 
When considering beauty in a person, it ranges from every square inch of the outside and runs all the way deep into the soul. When considering beauty in nature, it can be found in a sunrise over a southern corn field beside an old red barn, or it can be seen in the sunset beaming behind the thousand foot tall buildings in a big city. It can be discovered in a tiny puddle of rain water in a parking lot, or in the vast, incredible oceans at the beach. It comes in a budding flower in the Spring, or in the loose leaves that scatter 
across the ground in the Fall.

Beauty is complex. It's intriguing. It makes the world go 'round. 
We are creatures made in the image of a beautiful Creator; therefore, we thrive off of the beauty that surrounds us.
But, with our busy schedules and impatient natures, we often get so caught up in our own lives that we forget to take a second to look around, and catch a glimpse at all the beauty that we live our lives around. 
And, as Gabby said, there is so much beauty that can be found in 
simply just being.

I'm challenging myself to intentionally take time to embrace all the beauty that is on display in my life. To cherish every moment of my days and search until something beautiful can be found in every opportunity I am given.

B is for Beauty.

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