Saturday, October 6, 2018

The Cherry on Top

Earlier this morning, I was in Starbucks when I heard "Find You" by Nick Jonas playing over the speaker. I eerily felt a stirring in my spirit that was much more than the usual butterfly feeling I get when hearing a Nick Jonas song (no shame in my game!). But, I let my mind drift and didn't think much more about it. Later on, I was looking through my "on this day last year" photos on Snapchat and realized that this day last year was when I met Nick Jonas. Suddenly, I realized that prompting I felt when hearing his song earlier in the day was a reminder from the Holy Spirit of all the goodness God brought to my life since that day one whole year ago.

Two days after meeting Nick, I went to my first Meta Church meeting and met the people who would soon become my NYC fam. Then two days after that, I started the internship at InTouch and Life & Style that got me into the publishing  company where I now work full time for FIRST for Women and Woman's World. Ain’t God good!!!

But, the part of this story that isn’t as blog-worthy is that a week before all this, I was sitting at a coffee shop relentlessly job searching and feeling defeated, worthless, and weak. With tears in my eyes, I asked God, for what felt like the millionth time, to just bring me friends and a job. I was met with silence and all I could hear was the enemy as he whispered over and over, “You’re just not cut out for this city. You don’t belong here. There’s nothing here for you.”

If only I could have known in that moment that in only one more week, everything would fall into place. Luckily, I kept fighting. Because God already had it all figured out for me—He just wanted it to be a surprise.

Moral of the story: Even on your worst days, God is always up to something. Sometimes it takes hitting rock bottom (and mistakenly believing the devil’s lies) before we start looking up. Maybe it won’t all come together for you exactly how this part of my life did for me, but I can promise that if you just keep fighting and start asking Him what’s next, He’ll start answering. Look up more often and the blessings will start coming down. And maybe He’ll throw in a meet-and-greet with Nick Jonas just as the cherry on top. 🍒✨

Second moral of the story: Even God likes surprises and cherries on top... just keep holding out for yours. It might just be only a week away :-)

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