Monday, November 26, 2018

My Mess vs. God's Best

Trusting God in ALL circumstances is admittedly something I've always struggled with. It can sometimes be easier to trust Him with things that we truly can't do anything about, but if I have a problem and I know I can fix it on my own, it can be difficult for me to stop and consult Him first. I see a goal I want to reach or a dream I have to achieve, and immediately, my wheels start turning and a plan on how to get there is already being devised in my brain. I even do this when my friends talk to me about a problem they’re having. I just can’t help it. I like answers, solutions, how-to guides. 

I don’t think this is necessarily a bad thing, but when making some decisions, I’m definitely guilty of thinking up my own master plan before talking to God about it… and that’s when it becomes shaky. 

In the situations when I do go to Him about it, He usually tells me to wait. (Patience is also an issue for me, as I’m sure you can imagine. Ha!) But then when I do wait on His perfect timing, He works out something incredible for me, and for some reason, I’m still shocked. 
Like, “Wow! God’s plan really is better than mine?! Who would’ve thought!” 
But then it seems that even the next time a problem arises, I still try to fight it and put my plans vs. His plans in the boxing ring. Sometimes, He lets me win… just to prove to me that He knows best— because my plans, usually built on unstable ground, end up failing. 

I was reading in Romans 4 where Paul writes about Abraham trusting God. 

[For a little backstory, God promised Abram that he would bear children. His wife couldn’t have children, so he thought that was impossible. When he was 100 years old, God gave him a child and changed his name to Abraham, which means the ‘Father of many’ and ended up being the lineage which Jesus came from : Read more in Genesis 15-21

Romans 4:3, Paul writes : “What we read in Scripture is, ‘Abraham entered into what God was doing for him, and that was the turning point. He trusted God to set him right instead of trying to be right on his own.’” 

My favorite part: vs. 5 says, “that trusting-him-to-do-it is what gets you set right with God, by God. Sheer gift.”

Trusting God to do His thing is a sheer gift

Now really… who would’ve thought?! ;-)

Paul also mentions that even David confirms this way of looking at it when he says that the one who trusts God to do the “putting-everything-right” without insisting on having a say is actually a fortunate man. 
Trusting God in this way is a blessing. 

BUT Paul also asks, “Do we think that this blessing is only for those who are brought up in the disciplines of God?”

Because “it was by embracing God that Abraham was declared ‘fit’ before God” and this declaration was made before he was circumcised [meaning: before he was seen as “fit” in the eyes of the righteous people] YET, God saw Him as good simply because he trusted Him. He then underwent circumcision as evidence and confirmation of what God had done for him long before he was brought into this acceptable standing. (vs. 10-11)

All of this to say: by no means do you have to be thought of as ‘holy’ or hold a reputation of being good, pure, and perfect in order to be accepted by God. 

This seems to be something most people already know, but haven’t quite grasped fully. 
It was not through Abraham’s obedience to the law that he received this blessing… it was through his righteousness that comes through faith. (vs. 13)  

There’s nothing we could do to keep God from pursuing us in our messiness, or in our times of arguing over whose plan is better than whose.  

Simply by embracing Him and His power over all circumstances and by trusting that He knows best and only wants the best for you, you are seen as ‘fit’ in His eyes. 

What a beautiful testament to just how in. love. He. is. with. YOU. 

Trust Him with all things—big and small—and watch how He’ll make you laugh at your old plans because His are just so much better. 

(*Scriptures referenced are taken from MSG and NIV versions*)

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