Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Thumbs Up

On my way home from work the other day, I saw a man in a red sweatshirt walk up to another man and say, “Hey! How you been?!” 

The other man, looking at him as if he were a total stranger, said, 
“Sorry man, what’s your name?” 

He said, “It’s okay, you probably don’t recognize me because the last time I saw you, I was 507 pounds.” 

Considering he was now fit and fairly skinny, the other man looked at him completely stunned. 
He then went into saying, “I almost died because of it two years ago, and ya know, that just wouldn’t have been the right way to go.”

I didn’t hear him say much else except:

“But I realized I had to give up my own self-will and hand it over to God, and He changed me.”

As I walked by and heard him say this, I tapped him on the shoulder of his red sweatshirt, and when he turned and looked at me, 

I gave him a thumbs up. 

He just smiled.

I laughed as I walked away and wondered why I just tapped the man on the shoulder and gave him a thumbs up. 

I’m truly don’t have an explanation. It was like an instinct. 

I just did it.

I went into a store and browsed around for several minutes, and when I walked out, I saw that the man in the red sweatshirt was still talking to the other man. 

Then a funny thought passed through my mind: 
What if the man in the red sweatshirt didn’t even actually know the 
other man either? 

What if he actually just spent the past two years losing weight and experiencing a complete life change, both physically and spiritually, and now he asks random people on the street if they recognize him solely to instigate a conversation with them about the transformative power of Jesus?

Then it hit me, after we’ve experienced Jesus in this way, we should also be THAT unrecognizable by even the people who know us the best. 

The life change we experience through Jesus should be just as radical, dramatic, and noticeable just as if we had made that drastic of a change to our physical body.

In a culture so obsessed with the newest diet plans and the fastest ways to lose 10 pounds (no judgment! I’m guilty too!), I just wonder, how different would we be if we were just as focused on being as unrecognizable due to 

our spiritual transformations? 

As someone who has first-hand experienced Jesus’ transformative power in this way, 
I feel challenged

Why don’t we talk about these transformations just as often as the man in the red sweatshirt?

It makes me wonder what could happen if we did.

Now I understand why I instinctively gave him that thumbs up. 

He’s got it figured out and he’s doing it right.

BRB... Going to buy a red sweatshirt so I never forget this man, this challenge, or this passion.

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